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 Annistyn's Intro

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PostSubject: Annistyn's Intro   Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:19 pm

Hi, I'm Annistyn. I am new to Stormrage but not to WoW. I may have kind of an addiction to priests. At the moment, I have 3 100s, 2 90s, a 58 and Annistyn who is 51. I started WoW in LK and started raiding in Cata as a holy priest and then a prot pally. I continued to raid as a holy then a disc priest into MoP. I love disc and plan to continue it through the next expansion. Besides my priests, I have a 100 pally, druid, mage and hunter. I'm really bad at dps. I have been working on Boomie though and I enjoy it. I really want to find a nice casual raid team. I did hardcore in Cata as tank and it was too much stress for me. Smile

If you have any questions for me, you can always ask. I am considering using my boost on Annistyn to get her to 100 quicker. I really enjoy leveling priests though, if you didnt figure that out. Wink
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Annistyn's Intro
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